Membership Eligibility

National Association of Professional Race Directors

Membership Eligibility

Adopted 10/16/2015


Membership in the National Association of Professional Race Directors (the “Association”) is limited to individuals who have primary responsibility for promoting/producing/managing an Eligible Event. An Eligible Event may be represented by one or more individuals. An “Eligible Event” is a competitive road cycling event that meets all of the following requirements:

  • An event held (or to be held) under a valid race permit issued by either USA Cycling or the UCI;

  • An event venued in the United States;

  • Any of the following events:

    • An event on USA Cycling’s Pro Road Tour Calendar (PRT);

    • An event on the UCI’s America Tour calendar that occurs in the US;

    • An event classified as a Category A event by USA Cycling and nominated by three existing members of the Association; or

    • Any other event nominated by three existing members of the Association and confirmed by a majority vote of the Association;

  • An event held (or to be held) in the current calendar year or within two years prior to the current calendar year.

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Operational provisions:

Voting; Membership: For Association matters requiring a vote, one vote shall be allocated to the representative(s) of each Eligible Event held (or to be held) in the current calendar year. (An Eligible Event with more than one representative shall declare its voting representative.) The Association’s calendar year shall commence on November 1st of each year. Other Association members shall be non-voting members but may participate in all other proceedings of the Association. Current employees, officers or directors of USA Cycling will not be eligible for membership in the Association.

Membership committee: A standing membership committee will be formed that will handle membership nominations and other membership matters from time to time. A membership nomination will be accompanied by a letter that outlines the benefits of admitting the nominee to membership in the Association. Membership committee members are expected to disclose any potential conflict of interest that may arise from time to time and recuse himself/herself when appropriate.